TV PART is the partner trading name of AKCELESTIAL UK LTD.

We are growing to become one of Europe’s finest supplier of reclaimed replacement LCD, LED and Plasma TV parts.

TV Part’s only goal is to deliver high quality spares parts at the lowest prices  with the best service possible to each of our great valuable customers.

TV Part has been providing premium LED Strips, bars, Chips & complete backlight assemblies for the most demanding of LED TV’s.  Our online store tvpart.co.uk is the single largest backlight supplier in North West UK.  We strive to be the most comprehensive, relevant online resource for LED screens and backlights in the industry.

We stock LED backlights (both CCFL and LED) specifically for the replacement of any LED TV.

We sell LED TV Parts, LCD TV Parts & Plasma TV Parts. We provide parts to thousands of people all over the world, we stock parts for just about any brand including SAMSUNG, LG, PANASONIC, SONY, TOSHIBA, JVC & much more.